Monday, May 28, 2018

Why diet plans never work

Why diet plans never work

Why diet plans never work

Ask anyone that has tried it; the weight loss process is not only tasking on your body, but it also affects you emotionally and psychologically as well. Bearing this in mind, it is easy to see why people turn to fad diets as a way of reaching their goal faster.  Sadly, a lot of eating disorders begin with overweight people trying to lose weight by dieting. Diets never work; the shocking truth is that 95% of all people that diet eventually regain the weight within a year of weight loss.  Diets are bad for you because they are not concerned with your welfare, or long-term weight loss.  With so many options for diets out there offering a range of different approaches, why should you not participate in a diet plan?

They slow down weight loss

It seems counterintuitive, however, diets actually slow down your weight loss instead of accelerating it. This is because the body recognizes diets as stressors, which leads to the production of high amounts of adrenaline (stress hormones) and cortisol. In turn, these hormones cause the body to slow down because it perceives the reduced calories intake as a threat to one’s well-being. The body’s function is to keep you alive, so when you starve yourself by dieting, it will do everything it can to rectify the situation at hand.

Diets are not sustainable

Diets allow you to change your eating habits for a short time; however, the changes never last in the long run.  Diets are founded on the concept of eating this, and leaving that, which are external changes. To truly change one’s lifestyle into a healthy one, the belief must start from within by changing one’s thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and patterns.  All these components are what inform our food choices and our healthy habits in the first place.

Your brains won’t allow it

In the process of dieting, you are more likely to notice and respond to bouts of hunger.  This is because your brain responds differently to food, which will make you notice food more, in a more tempting manner than you are used to. This feeling persists as you continue to diet, which is why diets feel like prison and torture. All diets contain elements of deprivation, which requires you to have an insane amount of willpower in order to stick to the rules.

You might gain weight

When you diet, you are forcing your metabolism to slow down, which makes your body more capable of storing calories, instead of burning them. This causes you to gain weight instead of losing it.



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