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Tips to help you select the right cloud computing provider

Tips to help you select the right cloud computing provider 

Tips to help you select the right cloud computing provider

Selecting the right cloud service provider for your business requires more than reading public reviews or logging onto a prospective vendor’s site. Making the decision to incorporate cloud computing into your IT strategy is a fairly straightforward process; however, the challenge lies in building the infrastructure to support the cloud.  To reap the benefits associated with cloud computing, it is important to select a reliable provider. With the right provider, IT becomes more cost effective, administration becomes smoother and business agility is improved. Here are some tips to help you select the right provider:

Select stability and success

The provider that you select will play a vital role in supporting your business objectives, as well as your IT goals.  Since you will be entrusting the provider with sensitive confidential information and your applications, you need to carefully consider the vendor history and past partnerships.  You should look for a solid reputation founded on the best technological partnerships and a healthy state of financial affairs capable of supporting your long-term computing needs.

Select a provider that can surpass expectations

You should select a vendor that has the infrastructure to support your cloud business needs regardless of how your needs might change in the future. Ensure that your provider is equipped with state of the art infrastructure that has the capacity to scale as your business grows.  Before you decide on any vendor, you should also ensure to ask for results of a third-party compliance audit, which will allow you to assess whether the provider can live up to the hype.

Choose a provider that promises value not just cost

Try and stay away from providers that sell you on the size of your enterprise. This approach tends to sound cheap, but it also leaves out the real cost implications.  When selecting your provider, although cost should be an important factor, it should not be the leading motivator.  In the end, Cloud computing is supposed to lead you to a path of saving on your IT expenses.

Choose a transparent provider

Apart from checking the pricing, your provider should have service level agreements, data and security policies, terms of use and service, which are all designed to foster transparency and accountability.  Your vendor should also be willing, to be honest with you about the state of affairs of your business. For instance, if you do not need to migrate to a cloud computing service, your vendor should be able to share this information with you and supply you with recommendations for your business.



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