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The elements of a yoga diet

The elements of a yogic diet

The elements of a yogic diet

The practice of yoga involves a lot more than doing complicated poses well. Yoga is all about stretching and toning your entire body. It is also about vital breathing techniques and a healthy diet. A yogic diet is contained as one of the five primary principles of yoga. When one maintains a healthy diet based on these principles, your overall wellbeing is protected and taken care of.  Please note that a yogic diet is not to be confused with a vegetarian or vegan one.  Yoga food can be classified into 3 main categories mainly:

Sattvic food

This is the purest form of food and the best variety for practicing yogis. Sattvic food nourishes the body and it allows your wandering mind to remain still, which allows you to perform optimally. A sattvic diet is supposed to guide you to a healthier state of mind and a healthy, fit body that has a balanced flow of energy.  An example of sattvic food includes whole foods, organically grown foods, and fresh fruits and veggies.

Rajasic foods

Rajasic foods are generally salty, bitter, hot or sour. Rajasic foods are not supposed to be over consumed because they tend to over stimulate the body. Types of Rajasic foods include coffee, hot spices, eggs, salt, chocolate and stimulating drinks.

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Tamasic foods

Tamasic foods are not recommended for a healthy body and mind. These foods tend to be bland and they deprive you of energy. They also destroy the body’s immunity and help to invoke negative feelings of anger, jealousy, and greed. Tamasic foods are made up of onions, meat, garlic and overripe or fermented substances.

Should be sattvic

This means that your diet should primarily be made up of healthy whole foods and organic fruits.

Should be vegetarian

Animal protein can cause high levels of uric acid, which can be detrimental for your well being. Animal protein also contains levels of toxins which can be deposited in the tissue and cause problems such as cancer and arthritis.

Should be stimulant free

Whenever possible, a yogic diet encourages you to purchase organic food choices that are free of stimulants, artificial sweeteners, and caffeine, tobacco or alcohol.  Such substances make it more difficult for you to concentrate.

Should contain fresh foods

Yogis on a yogic diet also do their best to stay away from packaged or pre-packaged meals. Whenever food is about to be consumed, it should be sourced freshly to ensure that the quality sis supreme and good for your well-being. 



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