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Diet and nutritional tips to help people suffering from mesothelioma

Diet and nutritional tips to help people suffering from mesothelioma 

If you are a patient undergoing treatment for mesothelioma, you are probably faced with stress, lack of appetite and anxiety.  All these factors can result in sudden and extreme weight loss, which is bound to affect your fight with mesothelioma.  Understandably, proper diet and nutrition may not be on top of your list of priorities, however, the truth is that it should be.  During mesothelioma, your body requires as much as support as possible to be able to function properly. Proper nutrition and diet are one of the best ways to give yourself an added advantage against the disease.

Diet and nutritional tips to help people suffering from mesothelioma

The right nutrition can give you the energy your body needs to sustain recovery. The nutrients acquired from a healthy diet are pertinent for fighting off cancer, as well as managing the side effects of mesothelioma.  If you find yourself struggling to maintain a healthy weight, it may be a sign that you need assistance from a nutritionist that can help you regain weight in a safe manner.  Here are some diet and nutritional tips to help people suffering from mesothelioma:

Talk to your doctor

Immediately after receiving a diagnosis, it is important for you to discuss your initial prognosis with your doctor.  The discussion will involve talking about your life span, which is based on specific factors and can vary from one patient to another. Before making any dietary changes, ensure to talk with your nutritionist, who specializes in treating cancer patients to make sure that your unique dietary needs are met through an integrative nutrition program.

What to eat:

A mix of healthy meals and foods will help to make you feel better during, and after mesothelioma treatment.  The following foods have been known to help with healing and recovery:

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When consumed in moderation, starches can help to supply energy to the body.   Starches contain complex carbs that can help to stabilize your sugar levels by releasing glucose into your blood. Starches such as beans, whole grain cereal, and wild rice contain protease inhibitors, which prevent the growth of tumors.


Veggies contain Vitamin C, carotene and other minerals that help to stimulate your immune system as well as prevent further growth of tumors.


Protein is instrumental in repairing and maintaining your body tissues.  Protein should be consumed in small servings to prevent inflammation in the body.  Anti-inflammatory proteins such as olive oil, berries, salmon, and spinach can help during treatment.


Proteins, fruits should be consumed in moderation. Fruits can supply your body with carbs, necessary minerals and vitamins, antioxidants and vital nutrients that are necessary for the body.



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