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Thursday, May 24, 2018

The best and most efficient email market campaigns

The best and most efficient email market campaigns

The best and most efficient email market campaigns

Strategies to help you come up with the most effective email marketing campaigns. The best and most efficient email market campaigns are those that convert customers. The best email marketing campaigns are also more personal, which allows any business to engage and interact with clients. Although businesses are often tempted to use automatic templates, it is always a good idea to have a human at the back end to make sure that subscribers feel that you understand their needs and preferences as individuals. Here are some ways to come up with effective email marketing campaigns:

Come up with creative one liners

Creative one-liners can be fun, naughty and still deliver the intended message. If your core demographics are young and edgy, you can try hooking them with a catchy subject line to communicate your message or to advertise new goods and services.  For instance, The Valfre Shop nailed their one line subject by stating: electro-cute yourself with new portable chargers for an email campaign targeted towards young female audiences.

Consider adding videos

Videos are considered an essential part of email marketing in 2017.  More than 60% of customers and business executives claim to have visited a vendor’s site after clicking on a link to their video.  The prevalence of the internet and increased smartphone use has led to more people watching videos online, which means that videos are the next big thing.  It is important to keep your videos fresh and friendly so that they are featured regularly in your company newsletter. When writing the script for the videos, write as though you are communicating with a human being or close acquaintances, which will help you to keep your content sincere and interactive.


Combine a mix of new and traditional elements

You can opt to have a monthly subscriber system; however, you can also use traditional models when they are needed. For instance, a traditional system, such as a simple and straightforward email can work on special occasions such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. Such a traditional email should include a special message of thanks from the CEO wishing customers great tidings. To boost the rates of emails opened, you can try including a special surprise such as a special discount or shipping off specific orders.

Give immediate incentives

When crafting your messages it helps to give to tell visitors about the upfront benefits of signing up and subscribing to your company emails. This is as easy as spelling it out to your customers; giving an instant incentive helps you to eliminate the risk of potential subscribers ignoring your email invitation.


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