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Amazon is preferred by many for its variety, affordable prices, and its convenience.  To shop successfully, you need to be aware of some of the tricks and tips that can allow you to reap more benefits while shopping online.  Here are some time-honored tricks that can allow you to save while shopping on Amazon:

Donate while shopping

As you shop, do not forget to donate to charities through the Amazon Prime Smile program.  You can support a charitable organization by shopping at, which donates 0.5% of the price to an eligible organization of your choosing. This is not only a great way to feel good while shopping, but it also allows you to support a worthy cause.

Use your best credit card to pay

When shopping, try and use a card that rewards you for shopping online at Amazon. This allows you to save big on select purchases while racking up points for your credit score. For instance, the official Amazon Chase bank card is perfect for saving while shopping.

Watch out for expected deliveries

If you are waiting for a delivery from Amazon, be sure to keep an eye out for the package so that you can determine whether it arrived in the expected period.  If you do not receive your package at the expected time, you can receive a one-month extension on your Amazon Prime membership or you can receive a refund of the shipping costs alternatively; either way, you win.

Get cash back after price drops

One of the most annoying things that can happen while shopping on Amazon is paying for a product right before the product goes on sale. If this happens on Amazon, all you have to do is contact Amazon customer service via email, phone call or live chat and they will reimburse you the difference. This trick only applies to items that are shipped and sold on Amazon. The official policy states that you must contact customer care within 7 days of your delivery date.

Use Amazon’s trade-in program

Trade- in programs such as Gazelle can allow you to trade in your old device such as an old tablet; however, Amazon’s trade-in program can give you more value if you trade it in for an Amazon Gift Card.  For instance, a trade-in for an old iPhone 5 on Gazelle can get you $75, while trading in to Amazon can get you a gift card worth $225. This Amazon program allows trade-ins for DVDs, textbooks, as well as video games.


Amazon Prime Day has been taking place every year since 2018. Instituted by online retailer Amazon, Amazon Prime Day offers Amazon Prime members an opportunity to enjoy limited quantity sales for a limited period.  In the world of retail, Amazon Prime Day is similar to Cyber Monday or Black Friday whereby products in just about every category can be purchased at subsidized prices.  Previous Prime Day events have included huge price cuts on everything ranging from clothing to kitchen and household appliances.

What to expect

This year, Amazon Prime Day begins at 9 p.m. Eastern time on Monday, July 10.  Amazon Prime Day will feature thousands of deals designed exclusively for Prime members.  The deals will be distributed equally through the promotion period with new deals being launched every five minutes.

It is slated to run for 30 hours worth of shopping time, which is huge because past editions have only lasted 24 hours.  Please note that not every Prime Day deal will last for the entirety of the 30 hours; deals will be launched and they will remain available until all of them are claimed.  Once these units are claimed, shoppers can join a wait list that notifies them if any additional units in that category become available.

Tips on what to do to enjoy Amazon Prime Day 2018

Register immediately

If you want to enjoy the numerous deals available, the first thing that you need to do is register to become a Prime member on Amazon.  All new Prime members enjoy a 30 day free trial before they have to pay the prescribed fee.

Download the Amazon app

If you plan to take full advantage of the day, consider downloading the Amazon App.  With an app installed directly on your device, you will be able to keep up with new deals and updates specifically when a new item goes live.  The app awards you a level of convenience that ensures that your preferred item is not sold out before you get the opportunity to buy it.

Be on the lookout for early sales

You should be on the lookout for early Amazon sales, which will are scheduled to launch five days before the actual Prime Day.  As such, this means that the early sales will start on July 5 this year.  Before the D-Day, you should also be on the lookout for copycat sales from other online retailers; this period has become commonly known as Black Friday in July by retailers and online shoppers.

Schedule breakdown of Amazon Prime Day 2018

·        5 July: Voice Shopping

·        6 July: Amazon Music

·        7 July: Prime Video

·        8 July: Everyday Essentials

·        9 July: Reading with Prime

·        10 July: Prime Day starts in the evening

·        11 July: PRIME DAY


To become a successful Amazon seller, there are quite a few factors to consider.  First and foremost, you need to consider carefully what you want to sell, how you want to sell it and where you need to sell your wares.  Additionally, there is a wide array of rules and regulations involved in the application process that you need to be aware of; the rules alone can make the whole application process complicated and daunting.  If you are interested in becoming an Amazon seller, not to worry! Here are some tips that can help you get started as an Amazon seller:

Determine what kind of seller you are

One of the most crucial decisions during this whole process is determining what type of seller you want to be on Amazon.  Initially, you have to determine whether you want to ship your products using the Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN), Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) or both. You need to account for your needs to make sure that you select the most congruent method for your new business. FBA sellers pay a small fee to store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, while MFN sellers ship directly to their customers.

Learn about Amazon’s restricted categories

Although it might not appear like it, Amazon has restricted the sale of products in certain categories. The particular nature of each restriction varies with each category.  Some of the restricted categories include cosmetic and beauty products which require pre-approval, currencies, animals and pets, stolen goods, drugs and associated paraphernalia and hazardous items.

Select your branding strategy

As one of the most visited sites in the world, Amazon has more than 170 million active users.  To stand out, you need to brand and market yourself as a seller.  Since Amazon is against self-branding, you have to find a way to position yourself as the ideal seller. You can do this by subscribing to a Pro Merchant Subscription, as well as list unique products that can decrease your competition, allowing you to sell at higher prices.

Understand the Buy Box

The Buy Box on Amazon refers to the small box on a product detail page that allows customers to start adding items to their shopping carts.  The Buy Box is what Amazon uses to compare similar products available in new condition.  This allows customers to make the best decision as to which products they want to invest in.  To become eligible for the Buy Box, you need a selling history of more than 6 months, an order defect rate of less than one percent and superior customer service.


The world is addicted to shopping online; why shouldn’t it be? There is buying online, and then there is next day shipping, which is an online shopper’s dream.  Only years ago, if you needed to buy something, you would have to go to three or four physical locations to compare the brands and prices before finally settling on a decision.  Amazon, which once only sold books, has become one of the most visited online stores in the world.

 Although Amazon boasts of amazingly low and affordable prices, some items can also be difficult to purchase owing to the over marked price. In recent years, Amazon has done a lot to run comparisons on popular items so as to create pricing that is competitive.  However, other product categories such as dog food, food and various paper products such as tissue are still quite expensive. To avoid overspending, here are types of products that are cheaper to purchase on Amazon than via a physical store/location:


New parents often struggle with diaper expenses owing to the large amount of cash that has to be dedicated to taking care of a new baby. For a good bargain, Amazon has some of the lowest prices on diapers compared to other retailers like Wal-Mart. Although the price difference is only a little; every penny saved goes a long way.

Small kitchen appliances

Small kitchen appliances such as drink makers, egg boilers, small sized juicers, and minute fryers are often cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else.  In most other cases, the items available on Amazon can also be found in a physical location at the same price; however, the beauty of Amazon is that it allows you to shop in the comfort of your home. Why would you spend money on gas when you don’t have to?

Household items and personal care products

A Quick research and price comparison of other retailers will reveal quickly that Amazon offers prices that are slightly lower on various household and personal care products such as shampoos, detergents, washing powders and agents, and so on compared to physical stores.  The only other locations that offer competitive prices that are close to Amazon’s are the local warehouses and dollar stores, which have a variety of items that compare to online retailers.


If you are going to buy a book online, the best place to do it is on Amazon. Amazon originally started as an online bookstore. It has a broad array of published e-books and used books that can be bought and accessed easily.  Although the price gap between Amazon books and big box bookstores is little, it is still more convenient to shop on Amazon.



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