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Everything you need to know about heart failure

Everything you need to know about heart failure

There is a large percentage of the human population that is living with heart failure, and nearly a thousand cases are diagnosed each year.  When you suffer from heart failure, this does not mean that your heart stops beating entirely; it just means that your heart is not functioning as well as it is supposed to.

Everything you need to know about heart failure

What is heart failure exactly?

Heart failure refers to a serious and chronic condition that weakens the heart muscles such that the heart is unable to pump enough blood that is capable of meeting the body’s need for oxygen and blood.  When you have heart failure, you can also be described as having a weak heart.  Heart failure can be caused by a range of conditions that damage the heart which include:

·        Coronary heart disease- this disease affects the arteries and decreases the flow of blood to your muscles. When arteries are blocked or narrow, your heart is unable to work properly because it is starved of the necessary nutrients.

·        Heart attacks- heart attacks occur when arteries are blocked suddenly, which can interrupt blood flow.

·        Factors that overwork your heart- conditions that overwork your heart, including high blood pressure, valve disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and thyroid disease can all exacerbate heart failure.

·        Cardiomyopathy- this condition damages your arteries and heart muscles, which can cause blood flow and oxygen flow issues.

Types of heart failure

Systolic heart failure

This type of heart failure occurs when your heart muscles are incapable of pumping with enough force, which causes fewer amounts of oxygen-rich blood to be circulated

Diastolic heart failure.

With this variety, your heart squeezes normally, however the ventricle, which is the main chamber of the heart responsible for pumping blood, fails to relax as it should. This results in your heart’s inability to pump enough blood.

Heart failure vs. heart attack

Both heart failure and attacks are serious conditions that are all categorized under cardiovascular diseases. However, the two illnesses are entirely different. A heart attack takes place when part of the heart is starved of oxygen as a result of blocked blood flow to the heart. On the other hand, heart failure is a progressive condition that occurs slowly over time and can weaken gradually until the heart is unable to pump blood around the body effectively or as it should.  Heart failure can be managed easily through a healthy lifestyle characterized by a healthy diet and exercise, medication, as well as a low salt diet.



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