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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What causes malignant mesothelioma

What causes malignant mesothelioma?

What causes malignant mesothelioma?

Years of research have revealed that a number of factors are responsible for increasing the chances of getting mesothelioma; however, it is unclear how the factors cause cancer specifically.  Most cancers, including mesothelioma, occur when the cell’s DNA suffers from damage.

DNA refers to the chemical that is found in all our cells, which make up our genes. Genes are not just responsible for your physical appearance; they are responsible for controlling when certain cells grow and when they die; they also ensure that cells are divided into new cells.  When changes occur in the genes, it may cause the cells to grow exceedingly and out of control, which typically leads to cancer, which in this case, refers to malignant mesothelioma. 


Risk factors for malignant mesothelioma

A risk factor is anything that increases your chances of getting cancer. Various cancers have different risk factors. Some risk factors such as smoking can be changed while others such as genetics or family history cannot.  Having one or several known risk factors does not necessarily mean that you have the disease; some people who have malignant mesothelioma sometimes do not have any known risk factors. Common risk factors for malignant mesothelioma are:


Exposure to high levels of asbestos is by far the main risk factor for pleural mesothelioma.  The risk is greater if one is exposed to large quantities for a long time.  Asbestos refers to an insulating material that consists of tiny fibers, which is both resistant to heat and fire. Asbestos was used widely in construction, shipbuilding, telephone exchanges, power stations, motor industry and in the manufacture of various household appliances.

Asbestos cause mesothelioma when the fibers work their way into the lining of your organs. These fibers irritate the lining and may cause gene mutations, which lead to the growth of cancerous tumors. Asbestos use is banned in most countries today.

SV (simian virus) 40 virus

Between 1955 and 1963, injectable polio vaccines were known to be contaminated with the SV40 virus which has been linked to mesothelioma.  This is why the peak age range for diagnosis of mesothelioma is 50 to 70 years; young people are less likely to suffer from SV 40 exposure.


Zeolites are mineral components that are linked to asbestos.  Large exposure of Zeolites like erionite, commonly found in Turkish rocks and soil, may cause mesothelioma.


A few reports also claim that radiation is a mesothelioma risk factor. Although the risk of mesothelioma is higher in patients that have received radiation treatment, mesothelioma is still rare in these patients.


Monday, May 28, 2018

Why diet plans never work

Why diet plans never work

Why diet plans never work

Ask anyone that has tried it; the weight loss process is not only tasking on your body, but it also affects you emotionally and psychologically as well. Bearing this in mind, it is easy to see why people turn to fad diets as a way of reaching their goal faster.  Sadly, a lot of eating disorders begin with overweight people trying to lose weight by dieting. Diets never work; the shocking truth is that 95% of all people that diet eventually regain the weight within a year of weight loss.  Diets are bad for you because they are not concerned with your welfare, or long-term weight loss.  With so many options for diets out there offering a range of different approaches, why should you not participate in a diet plan?

They slow down weight loss

It seems counterintuitive, however, diets actually slow down your weight loss instead of accelerating it. This is because the body recognizes diets as stressors, which leads to the production of high amounts of adrenaline (stress hormones) and cortisol. In turn, these hormones cause the body to slow down because it perceives the reduced calories intake as a threat to one’s well-being. The body’s function is to keep you alive, so when you starve yourself by dieting, it will do everything it can to rectify the situation at hand.

Diets are not sustainable

Diets allow you to change your eating habits for a short time; however, the changes never last in the long run.  Diets are founded on the concept of eating this, and leaving that, which are external changes. To truly change one’s lifestyle into a healthy one, the belief must start from within by changing one’s thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and patterns.  All these components are what inform our food choices and our healthy habits in the first place.

Your brains won’t allow it

In the process of dieting, you are more likely to notice and respond to bouts of hunger.  This is because your brain responds differently to food, which will make you notice food more, in a more tempting manner than you are used to. This feeling persists as you continue to diet, which is why diets feel like prison and torture. All diets contain elements of deprivation, which requires you to have an insane amount of willpower in order to stick to the rules.

You might gain weight

When you diet, you are forcing your metabolism to slow down, which makes your body more capable of storing calories, instead of burning them. This causes you to gain weight instead of losing it.


Signs that your business needs cloud capabilities

Signs that your business needs cloud capabilities 

Signs that your business needs cloud capabilities

Apart from the clear advantages, there are several other reasons why your business should choose a cloud service including as a cost reduction strategy and for improved business productivity.  With more and more businesses opting to settle for managed cloud computing services, it may have crossed your mind that your business might be ready for a migration as well.  For cloud computing to work for your business, you must consider the timing, to determine whether or not the move would be beneficial to your business operations.  Luckily, there are indicating signs that can help you assess whether your business is ready for cloud computing services.  Here are the signs that your business needs cloud capabilities:

If you need to replace your hardware

If your hardware currently needs to be replaced either because it is nearing its life cycle or because it is faulty, this may be a sign that you need to migrate to cloud computing.  If your systems are outdated and running slower than expected, this is also a good time to upgrade your system.  Replacing your onsite hardware may be too costly, which is why cloud services will provide you the best value.

Your IT resources are too expensive to maintain

If you are struggling with your current IT resources, you may need to rethink your game plan. You should not be spending more money on maintaining a system, especially when cheaper and more efficient options such as managed cloud computing is available. Migrating will reduce the amount of money you spend on maintenance and downtime.

Your business is growing too fast

If your business is experiencing unexpected trading peaks, which may have made it difficult to keep up with or maintain your hardware, you need to shift to managed cloud computing so as not to cripple your business growth.  A cloud solution can work wonders by reducing your IT costs and streamlining your business operations. Cloud computing is great for startups because of the efficiency and the flexibility it supplies new business owners.

If you need to improve communications

A cloud solution can improve your business to business communication and collaboration because of the large number of cloud applications available designed to encourage collaboration.  Platforms such as SharePoint and a range of other apps can help staff gain access to shared files, and it can also make sharing and distributing between parties easy.  Cloud solutions also encourage collaborations between industries; for instance, architecture firms and construction companies can communicate instantly on a single platform to ensure efficiency and consistent progress.


Saturday, May 26, 2018

What is cloud computing

What is cloud computing?

What is cloud computing

Cloud computing is actually not as complicated as it sounds. Cloud computing involves the delivery of computing services including servers, networks, software, analytics, databases and storage over the Internet or over what is referred to as the cloud. Firms and companies that offer cloud computing services are known as cloud providers. These providers charge for cloud computing services based on the frequency of use, just as other utility companies charge for service rendered.

Today, more and more businesses are moving towards cloud computing because of the opportunities it presents.  Over the past years, the shift from traditional software models to cloud computing has gained momentum. In the future, it is clear that cloud computing will present numerous opportunities for increased collaboration, particularly as mobile devices continue to take center stage in today’s contemporary life.

Life before the cloud

Before the cloud, business applications were complicated and financially constraining; the technical know-how required for running, updating and maintaining the wide-ranging software and hardware was not only daunting but time-consuming as well.   The process required an arsenal of supporters and experts to install, configure, run, test, secure and update everything.  As a result, unlike large companies that had the capacity to take of all these components in-house, medium and small businesses tended to suffer before cloud computing came into the picture.

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Types of cloud computing

Cloud computing is available mainly in three forms namely hybrid clouds, private clouds, and public clouds.  Cloud computing can also be classified based on the service that the cloud is availing such as IaaS (infrastructure as a service) SaaS (software as a service) and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service).

Public clouds

A public cloud is what many would refer to as the internet.  Public clouds are more suited to businesses that are public facing and non-sensitive.  Applications such as SaaS and storage that is available to the public can be included in public clouds. Examples of public cloud services include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) or the Windows Azure Services Platform.

Private clouds

Private clouds are data centers that are operated by a single company.  The company provides businesses with scalability, monitoring, and support.  The purpose of a private cloud is to gain the benefits associated with cloud computing without having to give up the autonomy of your business’ data center.

Hybrid clouds

Hybrid clouds imply the use of both private and public clouds for different business operations.  It allows companies to maintain an internally privately managed cloud while depending on the public cloud for non-sensitive purposes. 

Everything you need to know about heart failure

Everything you need to know about heart failure

There is a large percentage of the human population that is living with heart failure, and nearly a thousand cases are diagnosed each year.  When you suffer from heart failure, this does not mean that your heart stops beating entirely; it just means that your heart is not functioning as well as it is supposed to.

Everything you need to know about heart failure

What is heart failure exactly?

Heart failure refers to a serious and chronic condition that weakens the heart muscles such that the heart is unable to pump enough blood that is capable of meeting the body’s need for oxygen and blood.  When you have heart failure, you can also be described as having a weak heart.  Heart failure can be caused by a range of conditions that damage the heart which include:

·        Coronary heart disease- this disease affects the arteries and decreases the flow of blood to your muscles. When arteries are blocked or narrow, your heart is unable to work properly because it is starved of the necessary nutrients.

·        Heart attacks- heart attacks occur when arteries are blocked suddenly, which can interrupt blood flow.

·        Factors that overwork your heart- conditions that overwork your heart, including high blood pressure, valve disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and thyroid disease can all exacerbate heart failure.

·        Cardiomyopathy- this condition damages your arteries and heart muscles, which can cause blood flow and oxygen flow issues.

Types of heart failure

Systolic heart failure

This type of heart failure occurs when your heart muscles are incapable of pumping with enough force, which causes fewer amounts of oxygen-rich blood to be circulated

Diastolic heart failure.

With this variety, your heart squeezes normally, however the ventricle, which is the main chamber of the heart responsible for pumping blood, fails to relax as it should. This results in your heart’s inability to pump enough blood.

Heart failure vs. heart attack

Both heart failure and attacks are serious conditions that are all categorized under cardiovascular diseases. However, the two illnesses are entirely different. A heart attack takes place when part of the heart is starved of oxygen as a result of blocked blood flow to the heart. On the other hand, heart failure is a progressive condition that occurs slowly over time and can weaken gradually until the heart is unable to pump blood around the body effectively or as it should.  Heart failure can be managed easily through a healthy lifestyle characterized by a healthy diet and exercise, medication, as well as a low salt diet.


Thursday, May 24, 2018

How can yoga help you lose weight

 How can yoga help you lose weight

 How can yoga help you lose weight

When most people think of yoga, weight loss is not the first thing that comes to mind. Many people are often forced to envision relaxation techniques, breathing control techniques and a broad range of poses that encourage stretching. Although this perspective of yoga is not wrong, many people out there are unaware that yoga can be used for weight loss purposes.

Many people’s idea of weight loss often involves attending the gym and working hard through various exercises that allow one to get into shape. Such routines allow you to lose weight; however, they can be strenuous and tough, particularly for overweight people.  For people who view pushups and crunches as impossible, yoga can change their perception of the various weight loss techniques available in the market.   How can yoga help you lose weight?

Through the different yoga types

Yoga is made up of different varieties including Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini and much more. Each of the different styles offers a set of benefits that improve your overall well-being. For instance, yoga helps

To  improve your levels of concentration

It lowers your levels of sugar and cholesterol

It helps you lose weight by challenging your body with activities that burn calories

Helps to restore your inner peace, which relieves stress which can be an inhibitor of weight loss.

Basically, yoga helps to boost your metabolism while the practice of yoga ensures that you only consume foods that are healthy and good for you. The trick with using yoga for weight loss is to immerse yourself completely into the discipline for life changing results.

It helps with your breathing

Breathing is a vital constituent of yoga. Although it is necessary for us to breathe to stay alive, many people do not do it correctly, which robs your body of the necessary oxygen. Short, labored breaths are responsible for the poor movement of fluids in the body, insufficient exchange of bodily gases, indigestion, as well as fatigue. Proper breathing is essential for your weight loss goals and is critical for normal functioning of the body.

It frames your mind

Yoga is ideal for weight loss because it places you in the right frame of mind for the challenge.  Yoga ushers you into a workout process that is not too tasking and challenging on your body, which results in a more positive outlook on the exercise idea. Yoga is a great way to stay motivated as it is easier to track and monitor your progress.





There is no use denying it; shopping on Amazon is delightful!  This is why thousands of people are making the decision to pay $99 each year for Amazon’s Prime exclusive 2-day shipping on any orders of your choice.  Aside from the quick shipping, the membership programs alone offer you a number of perks, that when used, definitely allow you to enjoy a deal and bargain.  Here are some of the benefits of shopping on Amazon:

Speedy shipping

Amazon is proud of its fast shipping policies, which is a well-known perk that is enjoyed by Amazon Prime customers. Currently, members of Prime receive free 2-day shipping whenever they purchase items that are eligible and sold directly by Amazon.  Additionally, if you are not in a hurry to receive your product, you are eligible to receive a coupon in exchange for the no-rush shipping option. These freebies are great if you do not need your purchases immediately.

Plenty of media content

Amazon has everything under the sun to offer. If you are interested in streaming audiobooks, games, music, TV shows and games, Amazon Prime has the capability to enable you to do it all.  Prime members also enjoy an exclusive selection of original audio and video programs such as Amazon original movies and shows, audiobooks, and podcasts.  You can also subscribe to premium channels such as Showtime via Amazon to get discounts on standalone subscription prices.

Food delivery

Amazon offers customers a range of interesting ways that you can shop for your needs including food and groceries. Amazon now delivers food items to your doorstep, including perishable food and produce in select areas.  Prime Now can deliver a wide range of groceries within 2 hours at your doorstep.  So far, over 10,000 items can be ordered; however, the selection varies based on the location. Prime Now also delivers takeout from some of your favorite restaurants, but like all other options, the delivery depends on what your location is.

Shareable savings

If you are not sure about investing in an Amazon Prime membership, you also have the option to split the cost with another party, which allows you to share your membership. You can share your membership with another adult residing in the same household, especially if you have a roommate.

Low unbeatable prices

Another reason why people prefer Amazon over other retailers is the low prices. Since many of the goods available are re-sold by consumers, you can get gently used items at a lower price than you typically would at a retail store. 
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